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I was in Hawaii, shipping out to Clark A.F.B., PI in June 1950, when President Truman ordered troops into Korea. I had a year in Waco under my belt and was ready for a new assignment. When we arrived at Clark, we were assigned to Casual Squadron, for training.......the following are photographs of the some of the people and places I encountered during my tour in Korea. The quality may not be good as I would like, but I wanted to share what I have in remembrance of the Fiftieth Anniversary.  Please pardon the time it takes to load this page.

Ashiya, Japan 1950

Ashiya, Japan      Ashiya, Japan 
Kerins & Hickman                                Kerins   

This picture was taken in Dogpatch, K-9, South Korea, October,1950.
L to R....PFC's Kerins, Childers, Paden, Sgt. Cudle, and PFC Latta.

Dogpatch, Korea

K-9, 1950 Dogpatch, KoreaWash Day
L to R Kerins, Paden, Cudle,
Latta, Childers
Wash Day
Cudle, Latta and Reto with napalm bomb, K-9 Airfield, 1950.

Crash Station
K-9, Pusan,South Korea-Crash Station, 1950.

Truck in Dogpatch
Kerins & Binittie, K-9 Dogpatch, South Korea.

Kerins & Cartwell
Kerins & Cartwell, K-9, 1950

Crash Crew - Dogpatch,Korea 1950.


Street scenes
Pusan, Korea

Pusan Street ScenePusan Street ScenePusan Street Scene 
Pusan Street ScenePusan Street Scene 

K-10 Strafing
Airplane strafing boats on Mason Bay, K-10.

Squadron Party
Air Installations Office Squadron Party, K-10 South Korea, 1951
South Korea.
A series of photos of P-51 fighter planes.
Pyong Yang
Korean Airmen
Korean Airmen, November 1950.

Morning Watch
Guard on duty, November, 1950.
Flight Photo, 1949
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