Day Eight
Wednesday -
We are up and out by 9:00am. We take the city bus into Dublin. Our B&B is about 3 miles out of the city center in Donnybrook. The car is staying put until we leave for the Airport! We make the most of the day....Bus tour of the city, and to get an overview of what we want to spend our time seeing. We're back to Mrs. Donnelan's by 6:00. It's time to pack for our trip home tomorrow.

St. Patrick's This is St. Patrick's Cathedral. It's the oldest Christian site in Dublin, dating from 450 AD. St.Patrick supposedly baptized converts here. The present building dates from 1190. It's not a Catholic church, it is the national cathedral for the Church of Ireland. Jonathan Swift is buried here.
The have some really old battle flags here.
We won't EVEN say anything about another camera! This is a really great window in St. Patrick's. Window
Who is this clown? The lady to the left is most certainly impressed with his likeness to the statue! The Marble Men
Christ Church This is Christ Church Cathedral. It dates back to 1038. This is also belongs to the Church of Ireland.
Dublin Castle was built in early 13th was the center of British power in Ireland until the Uprising. Dublin Castle
Cooney? We're having a blast exploring the city. We even find a relative in the Temple Bar district!
Temple Bar district again.........This is The Clarence...It's an upscale, trendy, hotel that the guys from U2 own. It's mission style, and a bit pricey for our wallets. A lot of folks warn us about dangers in the Temple Bar area, but we don't have any problems, it's not as Bohemian as its reputation....We see a nice commemoration of the Tianamen Square Uprising.....Right outside of the French cafe we stumble into! The Clarence
Trinity College Trinity College is the oldest university in Ireland. It is a beauiful 40 acre campus in the middle of the city center! This is the home of the Book of Kells, an 8th century illuminated manuscript of the four gospels.
This is another building on the campus of Trinity. They have a lot of pretty gardens, and cobbled streets and squares. Trinity Campus
Grafton Street This is Grafton Street. THE place to do your shopping! We go into Bewley's for some baked goods, and I leave Mike at McDonald's to rest while I shop.
St. Stephens Green is a nice park located at one end of Grafton Street. St. Stephen's Green
O'Connell Street And we end up our day near where we started...O'Connell Street. It is a wide (by Irish standards) street lined with statues of the country's heroes. We make it to Fleet Street, grab the bus, and head back to the Hazelhurst B&B.

Dublin, Thursday
It's 7:00 am, and Mrs. Donnelan has started breakfast just for us, she has also sketched out our route to the airport so we won't have to repeat the terrors of our maiden drive into Dublin. I think this is our favorite B&B......We really hate to leave.....We are totally exhausted, and we didn't get to see everything we wanted....but then, do you ever get to see it all? We get our things together and laugh about the great experiences we get to bring back...those are the best souvenirs of all, memories.  We'll do this one again!

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