Day Five
Sunday -
It's a little cooler now, maybe 70's. What a reprieve! This is probably the least favorite of the places we've stayed. It was an extremely warm night, and there was no ventilation. We leave Mrs. Dowd's and head northwest from Donegal Town. We might make Derry by lunch.....Our friends, the Blacks, live there. We met them several years ago on the coast in Florida. We have lunch with Ciara, Seamus and the girls, Aiofe, Rignach and Eimile. Rignach's not feeling well, so she stays behind as we're off to Donegal, Mamore Gap, Malin Head, and to meet the family.................

pows As we drive into Derry, it is quickly apparent that the "troubles" are far from over. We are surprised there is no check point driving into Northern Ireland at the border. They say a cease fire ended the need for check points. The political graffiti and murals show the unrest that still festers. Our visit is before the "marching season."
This is a view from the Bogside of the wall that surrounds the city. The 18 foot thick wall remains from the 17th century, when the City often came under siege (as it was so close to open sea). The City of London sent over master-builders and money to rebuild the medieval town. That is how the city became known as Londonderry. The Wall
Malin Head We have a great lunch with the Blacks, the Mac Man drops in to say hello, and then we head north. They are taking us to the northern most point of Ireland. This is a view from Malin Head. You can see Eire drawn out on the hill. You can't see here, but all over, people have spelled out their names in stones.  Environmentally safe graffiti!
Seamus, Eimile, Ciara & Mike at Malin Head.
It is freezing cold here! I think we're next to Iceland or something :)
The Cool Ones
Malin Head A view from Malin Head.
Isn't this awesome?
Another view from Malin Head.
Can you tell we really like this place?
Malin Head
Malin Head Leaving Malin Head.
Sniff!   :(
We drop in on Ciara's family at their cottage in Donegal. We meet the whole crew! Good People! Mamore Gap was next. Mamore Gap

It's about 9:00 pm, I've hit the wall....Seamus, Mike & McCool head out to the pubs. Ciara, the girls and myself stay in. Ciara's folks drop in, as does sister Mura, and her friend Magella. Nice evening. At 11:00 pm, it's still daylight..........................


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