Day Seven
It's 9:00am and we really hate to leave Derry. We've got to get to Dublin today. We all have breakfast together, and Seamus suggests a route around the Antrim Coast to the Giant's Causeway, then through Belfast to Dublin. He offers to ride along to get us on our way through to Coleraine. We stop at a couple of neat places along the route. We say goodbye right outside of Bushmills. Then we're off to the Causeway and on to Dublin.

The Blacks We've had such a wonderful time with the Blacks.They've really shown us the TRUE Ireland.
Taking pictures after breakfast. Rignach & Seamus
At The Causeway This is a shot from the top of the Causeway. The little white dots are sheep.
A photo looking down on the Causeway from the cliffs. The Causeway
The Coast Another shot of the cliffs of the Antrim Coast.
This is a shot of a temple that this guy built for his wife in old times, because she didn't like traveling to church. So he built the temple for her. Nice shot.
Would look really good with the Pentax....
Dublin We hustle through officer was just kicked to death there...Troublesome times..We just pass through Belfast....on to we pass the border in the Republic of Ireland, once again they have set up the check points, and on BOTH sides, I might add. One step forward, two steps back! This is a street shot of Dublin. We won't talk about driving into Dublin, because it makes Mike nervous. Let's just park the car....:-)

We get into Dublin around 4:00pm, but it takes us an hour to get to DonnyBrook to our B&B.  We have headaches again.........Sure glad we don't have to battle traffic like this everyday......We check in, and grab showers! Wow! Human again! We take the bus into the city for a bite to eat and a quick preview of tomorrow. Gonna have fun!

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