Day Six
Monday -
It's a bank holiday, so most folks are off. Ciara & Seamus let Aoife stay home from school, Rignach & Eimile are out. We take a walking tour around Derry. It is amazing. We get a super tour of the murals in Derry. We meet Blackie's family. They live in Snow White's Cottage. His Dad is sacristan at the Catholic Cathedral in Derry. We can't remember the name of it. In the Afternoon, we're off to Donegal again, the Poison Glen, Mt. Erigal ( the highest point in Donegal, Enya Country and the Bloody Foreland (Enya's Da has a pub there), we've got sick kids again. A flat tire, home again & out to the pubs!

Streets of Derry This greeted us when we first drove into Derry.
It kind of let us know the troubles weren't over.
We're headin' out for a tour of Donegal.
that's Aiofe in the helmet. Rignach took a turn
on the back of her Da's bike, too.
road trip
This is a striking mural of Bloody Sunday. You'll notice the priest waving the white handkerchief.

Here' s another moving mural. Gas Mask
The Girls The girls gathered in the backyard before we venture out to the Poison Glen!
Seamus in a contemplative mood, and a do-rag for protection from the sun. Blackie
The Wall Mike & Seamus strolling the historic wall of the city.
This is a window in the Church of Ireland Cathedral in Derry.
Do you think the Pentax might have helped?
Battle of the Bogside A mural in commemoration of the Battle of the Bogside.
This is a must have.............not exactly a Kodak moment, but a moving feeling in your gut! Entering Free Derry
Mt. Erigal This is Mt. Erigal. It is the highest point in Donegal.
This is from the car, after we pass the Poison Glen.
Here's Mike & Seamus swapping stories at Leo's Tavern. Leo is Enya's father. He runs a pub in northern Donegal. It's deep in the heart of the Gaelic country. We really like Enya, so this is special to us. We also enjoy Seamus's stories....he can really tell a good story! The Guys
Duet Here's Eimile & Mike into a duet on the piano at Leo's Tavern. Eimile is really a natural. She picked up her part quite easily. We have some cheese Toasties at Leo's. Sorry to say that after we leave, Eimile & Aoife get sick. At the same time we have a flat tire. The people around couldn't have been nicer. They even brought water to the girls.
Here's Seamus and Rignach on the bike as we leave Leo's Tavern. That's a great bike.               A '63 Triumph, I believe. bikers
peat You won't believe what Seamus is doing here. We're off on the back roads of Donegal, and he wants to show us some peat. Turf, sod. They burn it for heat.

It has been a very long day. We have had such a marvelous time, I'm not sure we've absorbed all that we've learned. Back to the house for a rest, a good meal and then we're out again to see Derry at night! This time it's dark when we get to sleep!

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