Day Two
Thursday -
Up and at it by 7:00am. We're beginning to feel like ourselves now....At breakfast we meet some really great people from the Isle of Wight. The traditional Irish breakfast is huge! I fried my hairdryer, so we're off to the chemist to get another...Wild experience getting cash at the Bank in Kinsale, unusual security measures...10:30 am, we're off to Killarney for most of the day. By 4:30 pm we're looking for a B&B in Adare for the evening.

The Ring of Kerry is a gorgeous drive.  Surrounding Killarney National Park, it's sort of like traveling through the Enchanted Forest at times. The park is 25,000 acres and no cars are allowed in, but you can drive around it, (the Ring of Kerry). This is one of the three fabled lakes in the park.                      Killarney
Ladies View This is Ladies View, said to be the favourite of Queen Victoria's Ladies In Waiting.......You can see all the lakes from this vantage point.
We arrive in the village of Adare. We've got a nice B&B for the night, and set out on foot to explore. There are religious shrines ALL over the country, this is one in Adare, outside of ruins of an 11th century abbey. They've got a nice new heritage center in Adare, actually, it seems to be a trend. The "heritage center" seems to be a popular civic project in most cities. Blessed Mother
Thatched Roof Cottages Adare still has some functional thatched roof cottages. This is across the street from the heritage center. We have a nice dinner. BIG meal.
We're going to be huge, by the time we leave!
We ponder the question, why can't a person get any ice here?
This is the sanctuary in the church next to the ruins.
We've never seen electric devotional candles
before, but bet they're cost effective. We really
enjoy our walk around the village.

Back in our room at Florence& Donal's by 9:30. Asleep by 10:30. It's still daylight.........

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