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USS Otter DE 210


October 20, 2006

Fellow Shipmates,

Once again a successful reunion was held at Atlantic Citiy, NJ on September 11th through 14th 2006.

Unfortunately I was not able to attend.  Attendance was smaller than it has been in the past few years ( 9 shipmates).

The attached minutes explain the actions taken by the officers and members as to the future of our group.

I have agreed to continue as Secretary/Treasurer and keep you informed.  If you have information relative to our group, please contact me by mail or telephone (I do not have email).

Happy Sailing,

Cal Sustachek, Secretary-Treasurer
USS Otter DE210
PO Box 081364
Racine, WI 53408-1364
(262) 321-0978


Minutes of 9/12/06   U.S.S. Otter meeting -- 18 members and guests in attendance

Minutes taken by Frank Jackson, Jr.  10:15 a.m.

Invocation given by Chaplin Suchar.

Pledge of Allegiance led by Croskey.

Minutes of last meeting read.  Motion to approve by Croskey.  Seconded by Sivco.  All in favor.

Old Business: None

Finance report: Read By Daum.  Motion to accept by Sivco.  Seconded by Shovan.  All in favor.

Taps list report on deaths within the last year read by Daum.

New business:  Election of officers and and location of next reunion site brought up by Daum.  To be discussed and decided at continuation of meeting on 9/14.

Sunset flag lowering ceremony was discussed.  Because of distance no one was interested in attending.

Meeting to be continued at 9:00 a.m. on 9/14/06.

Daum introduced Master Chief Jim O'Neill of the U.S. Coast Guard.  He is a 31 year veteran who spoke to us about his service life, historical background of WW II and  U.S.S. Otter, background of post 9/11 operations, current Coast Guard recruiting and service life.  A question and answer period followed with many good questions.  Daum thanked Chief O'Neill for being with us and then presented him a U.S.S. Otter hat and a Home Depot gift certificate. 

Temporary adjournment until 9/15/06 at 9:15a.m.

Minutes of 9/15/06 portion of meeting.

Election of officers:  No one would accept ANY position.  A motion by Croskey to dissolve the organization was presented, seconded, and agreed to by a majority of those voting.  It was agreed that treasury funds remain in Sustachek's hands and be distributed as $25.00 memorials in honor of shipmates when they pass away until the treasury is depleted.

Also discussed was trying to think of a way to keep in touch with those who might be attending the national reunion each year in the hope that those interested might be able to get together from time to time at the national.  We hope that Cal might be willing to keep this list but did not want to drop it on him unless he had the chance to consider it first.

Following the discussion Hank entertained us with some of his wonderful jokes.  How does he remember them???

Meeting ended with Daum thanking everyone for being there and also for all the work they had done for the good of the organization over the years.

Meeting adjourned at 10:05 a.m.

Silent auction followed adjournment, conducted by Irene. $30.00 to Treasury.  Unsold items taken by Irene for future sale at her church fundraiser.

Quote from the Sept/Oct 2006 DESA News

ALL HANDS ALERT:  The 2007 DESA Convention, Sept 2-7, in Albany, NY will offer the grand opportunity to visit the USS Slater DE 766- walk the decks, visit tthe battle stations, and sleeping quarters with family and friends.  Plan now to relive memories.

This could be an alternative to our yearly reunion.

Inquire to:

DESA PO Box 3448
Deland, GL  32721-3448