U.S.S. Otter DE 210.
USS Otter DE 210

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     The USS Otter was built in Charleston Navy yard and christened by Mrs. Otter, mother of Lieutenant Bethel Veech Otter, USN, who was one of the many heroes of the first Philippines Campaign.

     Lieutenant Bethel Veech Otter earned numerous decorations for valor, inspired leadership in his men, and earned the respect of his superior officers until his death on Corregidor in May 1942.  For his heroic efforts Lieutenant Otter was awarded the Navy Cross, the Nation's second highest decoration. 

     Statistically, the DE-210 USS Otter (Buckley Class) is 306 feet long, has a 36 foot beam, and fully loaded displaces 1800 tons.  Well armed, and with excellent equipment, this highly maneuverable ship is a very effective anti-submarine unit.

     Following commissioning in February 21, 1944, and a shakedown cruise to Bermuda, the Otter was ready to take her place in the Atlantic fleet. Her first task was escorting two carriers to Casablanca.   The remainder of the year she operated in task forces protecting the tremendous convoys shuttling from this country to various Mediterranean ports.  Throughout these operations, not a single ship was lost.

The Otter, Hayter, Hubbard and Varian sink U-248
The USS Davis
Commanding Officers

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